Financial Wellness

When you inspire employees to take control of their money, their focus shifts from financial stressors back to building your business.

SmartPath supports this transformation by providing the plan, platform and partner your workforce needs for financial wellness.

Are your employees realizing the full value of their pay?

There are numerous studies on how financial stress impacts productivity and performance. We’ve simplified it in one equation.

70% +

Families living paycheck to paycheck.

For many, this means holding on to a life-raft with no rescue boat in sight. It’s tough.

10 =

Drivers of Acute Financial Stress.

Pending bankruptcy, eviction, divorce, collection calls, major medical. These financial problems need to be addressed immediately.


Loss of Productivity

Unplanned absences, dealing with bill collectors at work, unfocused, looking for other jobs. There are multiple ways money can demoralize a workforce.

How do we help?

Our employer financial wellness programs give your employees access to our core program, fun competitions, and live webinars. Oh, and did we mention that we do all the marketing and reporting.

It’s a turnkey solution.
  • Core Program

    All your employees will have access to a Pro account in the Plan, Platform and Partner. It gives them a foundation to learn and execute at their pace.

  • Seminars + Webinars

    Choose from over 20 different courses that are taught live to your employees. They’re inspirational, relatable and informative.

  • Competitions

    Think fitbit for your finances. Employees that signup for the app can participate in a fun competition that drives accountability and support.

  • Turnkey marketing

    You’re busy and don’t want to take on another program. So we do the work. Email templates, flyers, and even awards – we’ve got you covered.

  • Reporting

    It’s about ROI. We can help. We’ll provide engagement reporting and even run analysis on performance impact.

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You want to support your employees but, you also want them to have ‘skin in the game’. And, you need to stay within your budget. Don’t worry, we’ve got options:

Employer Paid

We help employers identify a combination of the pro plan and company wide seminars that fit their budget.

Now you’ve offered an awesome program

Voluntary Benefit

Employees can upgrade to the concierge program at a discounted rate.

Now they’ve got skin in the game.

Could this be a qualified plan expense?

Glad you asked. Reach out to us and we can help you explore if SmartPath can qualify as an educational expense from the retirement plan.


From 30% reduction in absenteeism, 10% increase in productivity and 50% increase in 401(k) participation, financially fit employees are better employees. Let our customers tell you:

Emory University