Some people can hit the gym alone.
Most need a trainer to reach their potential.

The same holds true with money.

Watch and See


If you simply need the system, tools and have an occasional question, try our Plus plan. If you need a little more help building a plan and staying accountable, check out the Pro plan.



$9.99 / month
  • 7-Tank Assessment
  • Integrated account tracking
  • Compete in competitions
  • Access to Focus Coaching Programs



$19.99 / month
  • 7-Tank Assessment
  • Integrated account tracking
  • Compete in competitions
  • Upfront planning session
  • Anytime chat with a Coach
  • Access to Focus Coaching Programs



$39.99 / month
  • 7-Tank Assessment
  • Integrated account tracking
  • Compete in competitions
  • Dedicated Coach with anytime chat OR phone calls
  • Initial planning session
  • Unlimited, free Focus Coaching Programs

Our free, basic budgeting app is also a great tool to track your money.

Focus Coaching Programs


We offer targeted programs to engage with a Financial Coach that are targeted at specific goals and pain points. Focus Coaching Programs are offered at additional costs for Plus and Pro members, and are included for Unlimited members. Here’s a sampling of our current offerings:

Budget Basics

Ditching Debt

Getting Married!

Buying a Home

Building a Family

Retiring in Style

Is SmartPath right for me?

If talking to formal financial advisors or wealth managers scares you: SmartPath is for you. If you’re stressed about money and unsure where to turn: SmartPath is for you. If you prefer to have a coach and sidekick when making financial decisions instead of being alone: SmartPath is for you.

If your name is Bill Gates: SmartPath (probably) isn’t for you.

What type of results should I expect?

Working through our program, with or without a coach, will set you up to:

  • Save more each month
  • Lower your debt
  • Improve your credit
  • Get better control of your money
  • Get on a plan

Can my spouse or family members also participate?

Absolutely! Spouses and family members can be your best allies, or worst enemies, when making changes and tackling goals. Our coaches are here to make you successful, so they have a variety of tools to help you manage or involve people in your lives.

What types of questions can I ask the concierge?

Your coach can help with the following:

  • Establishing a plan
  • Budgeting
  • Finding ways to make more and spend less
  • Prioritizing
  • Dealing with debt (including calls with debt agencies)
  • Retirement planning and the ‘math’ around it
  • Avoid financial traps
  • Homeownership
  • Buying a car and financing

Why can't I go to a traditional financial planner?

You can, but it will like you cost you $150/hour and focus more on long term strategies than short term goals to help re-orient your financial plans for long term success. Once your back on track, a traditional financial advisor might be a great fit for you.

Do I get the same concierge every time?

Your Concierge is assigned to you, and they’ll stick with you as long as you’re around. However, different coaches have different strengths. As you progress through the 7-Tank System, it may make sense for you to change coaches whose strengths align with your current goals. But don’t worry, we’ll be with you every step of the way and transparent around any changes.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Definitely. Contact us any time you need to cancel. We promise there are no hoops to jump through.