Get Your Money Right

Financial Strategy

The headwinds that make savings hard but more critical than even…it’s not what you think. The most important number in your financial life (Hint : it’s not your credit score). A proven 7-step system to help you make the right financial choices today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life.

Bling on a Budget


The right way to keep an active budget in less than 60 seconds a day. Ways to deal with emergencies, cash and bulk payments within your budget. How your budget can improve your relationship. Apps and tools that can help you automate your budget.

Make More, Spend Less

How to Hustle

Ways to increase your income in the short term and long term. How to save on just about everything from groceries to vacations. How to negotiate like a pro…and getting comfortable with “no.” Apps and tools to make more and spend less.

Hello, My Name is Debt


The order in which you should payoff your debt. Specific strategies on how to pay down your debt. How to avoid programs and services that keep you in debt. Apps and tools that can help you get out of debt.

Stop Working


The different sources of income during retirement. How much you need to retire (your number) allowing you to sustainably maintain your lifestyle. Types of retirement accounts – 401(k), 403(b) IRAs, Roth, Traditional, etc. Apps and tools that can help you plan for retirement

Money in my Sleep


Key principles of investing and what they really mean. The right amount of risk for you and how to evaluate how much risk you’re actually taking. Different strategies for investing and why it should be boring (if you’re making money). Apps and tools that can help you with investing.